[WFB] Addendum: Shiny Says:


Reading Game Over.  Nice.  HOWEVER, I thought you might like to edit in the details of my army, for completeness.  If not, meh, ’tis your blog, you can say I brought an army of gayness and penguins if you like.

Chieftain – Weeping Blade, heavy armour, Enchanted Shield

Warlock Engineer 1 – Warlock-Augmented Weapon, Warpstone armour, Warp-energy Condenser.

Warlock Engineer 2 – Warlock-Augmented Weapon, Pipes of Piebald, Dispel Scroll.

30 Clanrats – spears, shields, full command, Warpfire Thrower.

30 Clanrats – shields, full command, Ratling Gun.

30 Clanrats – shields, full command, Ratling Gun.

Rat Swarm – 5 bases.

25 Plague Monks – full command, Banner of the Under-Empire.

Do I get the Face too? I did not know that…

There you have it, folks.

Incidentally, Shiny, yes, you do get the Face.  You know that thing you do about where you spend whole minutes complaining about everything that’s rubbish about your army and what the others have that’s better/invincible, and greet every die roll with “as usual” and an eyeroll?  That is the Face.

Also incidentally, we’ve been talking about how to improve the Skaven army in the act of expanding to 2000 points.  Maybe Shiny would like to write up his take on that conversation?

3 thoughts on “[WFB] Addendum: Shiny Says:

  1. >For Shiny: Go 2k, take plague furnace, watch as your opponent's face melts.For Von: I challenge you, Sir, to a game. You have a choice of the illustrious protectors of all that is win in the land of Naggarythe (Aka "those pointy eared ones wot one always uses if one wants to win by 1k over the match points") or the slightly slippery super speedy slaanesh cult of – eat horse shag horse ride horse (order by preference).I Understand the Face well we have lengthy debates on the use of particular colours of dice for "luck" and "Tournament players wot steal my thunder"… Exeter did this to me…*smarmy gits grumble grumble*


  2. >See, dude? Plague Furnace! Win. I'd take one in 1500 but that's 'cause I'm either evil or stupid (unsure which).I accept yr. challenge and am largely indifferent as to which army I face (actually, you've been playing Dark Elves longer than me, you're probably better with them, which means I'll probably a) lose and b) learn more if I have to play those).


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