[WM/H] Fear and Loathing at the FQD 1: The Lists Not Taken

FQD, as the cool kids are calling it, is an experimental, built-to-irritate tournament format for Warmachine. One day. Five games. Three lists, twenty points each, no duplicating warcasters and Field Allowance shared between the three lists as if they were one (so no more than two Pistol Wraiths, Sea Witches, Cankerworms and other things Von likes). It’s a bit compy, especially with Tier lists barred (although, given that some Tiers are just inaccessible below 35 points while others build themselves, not entirely unfair) but I’m game for a challenge. To be honest, I’ve been out of the loop on competitive Warmachine for so long that I’ll take a few restrictions for the sake of five fairly cut-throat games.

Poking around at some of the things people have already come up with has me worried; I’m really behind the times as far as new releases go and there are some utility pieces and tactical options that I simply don’t have available. Fortunately I was paid today (hurrah!) and consequently will have a bit of disposable income available after the event to buy stuff I see in other people’s armies and go “I WANT TO DO THAT” at. However, we do the best we can with what we have, and it’s in that spirit that I spent a free half hour this afternoon banging lists together.

I’d like to do better than seventeenth of twenty this time, and I know at least two of the attendees read this thing, so I think I’ll preserve the element of surprise for a while longer. Not that the Toxic Hobbit can’t spank me all over the table anyway, mind, but this way he’ll have to do at least some on-the-job thinking. Instead, I’ll be talking briefly about some things which I’m usually all over but have ended up rejecting, thus!

Lich Lord Asphyxious. I ran a Lich Lord Asphyxious list at the last event I went to and didn’t do well with it at all, which shook me a bit. While I’ve performed more acceptably with the spooky old devil since then, the recent change to his feat means my preferred “eat five Soulhunters to the face, one way or the other” approach is no longer an option, and I don’t currently own the Bane Knights who represent an appropriate alternative. Most of my killing units rely on being in their unit to do their thing, with individual models not having the punch to operate as solos on his feat turn.

Master Necrotech Mortenebra. I love Mortenebra. I even flatter myself that I know how to play her. I just can’t seem to do it properly. Every time, my hands get ahead of my brains and I do something in the wrong order or allocate my focus in the wrong place and the game goes from sure thing to dead loss before you can say “Von, you’ve nerdgasmed all over the floor, go and fetch a mop.” My games to lose, and I do so, every time. Cryx’s lovely lady of the spider-legs is staying strictly casual until I’ve trained myself up and can actually play her properly, or until I give up and accept that I need to keep things simple for tournament play.

Epic Skarre Solo Spam. While I’ve been toying with this concept for a while – a low-numbers, high-firepower army that eschews the Cryx staples in favour of a cagey ranged game – it’s still too experimental to run at tournament level, and the recent release of the Warwitch Siren and Satyxis Captain presents some new options that I’d like to test out. Aforementioned Hobbit will be disappointed that my Epic Skarre list is actually quite boring and conventional, but I might drag the solos along for a pickup game in Manchester over half term if he fancies some variety in his opposition.

So, that’s three things I’ve not taken. Closer to the event, maybe this time next week if I can, I’ll put up some rationale and rhyme and reason about the lists I am taking.

In other news, apparently there are some Dark Eldar coming out. I am doing my best not to get all excited about this, unless the range turns out to be a conversion paradise and the Codex continues to play effectively after its inevitable errata appear. I’m also feeling less and less enthused about the Orks or Nurgle Chaos – good job I didn’t rush out and spend my first proper paycheque in years on some, really. At the moment, it’s a second WFB army (Beastman chariot spam) or a heavily kitbashed expansion to my Dark Elves that appeal most strongly. Knowing me, I’ll be a boring Frugalist and stick with the Dark Elves.

Also, my stuff’s coming up this weekend, which means I might actually get to play some proper games again. Hope springs eternal, eh?

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