[WFB] House of Kerithion

Trying a new tack with the Dark Elves – away from the Khainite bias and into something that forces me to adjust my style away from RUN FORWARD SHOUTING.

Lord: Supreme Sorceress: 350
– level 4 wizard
– Pendant of Khaeleth
– Dark Pegasus

Hero: Master: 113
– heavy armour, Sea Dragon cloak
– Crimson Death
– Army General

Hero: Master: 329
– lance, heavy armour, shield, Sea Dragon Cloak
– Manticore
– Ring of Hotek

Core: 39 Warriors: 293
– shields
– standard, musician, champion
– Banner of Murder

Core: 10 Crossbowmen: 105
– musician

Core: 10 Crossbowmen: 105
– musician

Core: 5 Dark Riders: 131
– repeater crossbows
– musician, champion

Core: Assassin: 171
– additional hand weapon
– Rending Stars, Cloak of Twilight, Manbane

Special: 7 Shades: 130
– Bloodshade

Rare: 2 Reaper Bolt Throwers: 200

Overall: 1955
Lords: 350/500
Heroes: 442/500
Core: 805
Special: 130/1000
Rare: 200/500

Another of those ‘the best you can with what you’ve got’ jobs, I’m afraid. I’m acutely conscious that it doesn’t include any of the best stuff (a problem I’ve often had: the financial cost of Rare units and their position at the end of the army list combine to push them out of my awareness when list building), but I feel it should play a decent denial/attrition game, especially with the Lore of Shadows around to drop some hexes and reduce the resilience of key targets.

The Manticore Master and Assassin are both counter-attack units, who can also be recast as artillery/wizard hunters should the need arise. At a pinch, I can also slingshot the Master with Crimson Death out of his unit with Shadow Magic, if there’s something out there that absolutely has to die. Shades and Dark Riders put pressure on the enemy, either by being upfield and chucking out some respectably reliable firepower or just serving as delivery systems for the aforementioned characters. Crossbowmen and Spearmen move up and hold the midfield…

… I’m still not convinced there’s enough hitty in this list. Maybe I need to squash some Chariots in there somehow? What would you drop to fit them in, Internets?

4 thoughts on “[WFB] House of Kerithion

  1. >Needz moar Hydraz!I think you are spot when you suggest it needs more hitty. IMHO you need that unit that advances and forces people to find an answer, I currently use Corsairs (and Cold Ones) for this cause of the high number of attacks they throw out but I intend to upgrade, most likely to Blackguard. Based on what I've seen of your collection I'd try a big slab of Witch Elves in this role or borrow my Velociraptor Riders of Doom and try them out?


  2. >The trouble with Witch Elves is that there is an answer to them, and it's called 'any ranged threat at all', although the unit of 21 might meet with some success.I'd liek to borrow the Cold One Knights, I think. I'm not sure how well they'll do without an extra attack coming in from the Cauldron, but we'll give it a whirl and see how it turns out.


  3. >I suggest you put the Master (general) in the Cold one unit and drop the Assassin to fit the unit in. Assassins are (and I hate to admit this cause they are pretty cool) not actually effective enough for the points you spend. They are decent against armies which want to stand up and fight properly but against dirty, tricksy, cowardly, sissy elves leave them at home.If you're worried about number of attacks from the Cold Ones (don't forget the Cold Ones hit much harder than the lesser races Ponies) I think there is a banner you can use…..


  4. >but against the banner i use you might as well go home. and i'm chaging the swords master to white lions and their are STR4 staright away with great weapons which makes them STR6.its peter


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