[WM/H] A Grand Day Out

I return from the field of war(machine) with a veritable horde hoard of wisdom to dollop before the eyes of my lovely readers and subject to their most insightful of scrutinies… I have also had slightly too much coffee and slightly too little food today, which might explain where the hell that last sentence came from.

Today I played one Steamroller 2011 game with my Skorne, and two with my Cryx.  I have made a great many discoveries:

  • My Skorne list, while very good at pasting lists similar to itself (low model count, focus on multiple wounds), has real problems with crowd control, and with those scenarios that involve bum-rushing a box in the middle of the board; against Russ the Clockwork Goblin and the beautiful Trolls, there was simply too much going on in the control zone for the Arcuarii to handle (and it certainly didn’t help that the huge unit of Fennblades had both Vengeance and a bucket of buffs quite sufficient to rip a Cataphract’s face off).  Incidentally, Russ is easily the most broken thing in Warmachine right now.  It’s bad enough that he paints like an angry god and can turn those jobs around inside a timeframe that mortals can comprehend, but flat-out outplaying most of us is just adding insult to injury.  It’s a good job he’s such a nice chap, and so inclined to give tutorials in being awesome, or otherwise I might be rather hurt.
  • The Revenant Crew are much better than I’d been giving them credit for.  While it’s true that they can’t hit the broad side of a barn with their pistols, and while I didn’t actually get to see what Gang and Point Blank can do, they’re a lot harder to get rid of than I’d been thinking, owing to the instantaneous nature of Field Promotion.  While losing your Quartermaster is a blow if you’ve already lost a few Revenants, the ease with which they can pick up extra models thanks to the Cannon Crew or Rengrave means it’s not a total dead loss either.  I now feel obliged to expand my Cryx in a sort of piratical direction…
  • I am still as likely to defeat myself by not taking note of the scenario’s limitations as ever; my third game, which could have been a tense cat-out-of-the-bag job, was a bottom-of-turn-three defeat because I made the fatal mistake of moving Skarre out of the Kill Box.
  • Second lists serve much more purpose than I had hitherto thought; a fragile support caster with an assassination focus list, built on the ‘more activations means more mistakes’ principle of moose-prevention, is going to fail badly at land-grabs. I really need to build another, more resilient Skorne list that doesn’t have the Morghoul tier’s issues with crowd control, and it’s probably going to involve different units as well as a ‘caster change. Same with the Cryx, really; I do have some slightly more spread-out-and-contest lists, but they’re not especially tough.
  • Investing time, money and effort into terrain, expanding the Cryx collection, and buying a damn camera is probably a better call than investing in eighth edition WFB (watching a few games over the last few weeks, and reading up on The Warhammer Forum, has convinced me that eighth, while not unworthy of investigation, is something of a risky investment, especially given that it’s always going to be a stretch to get a starter force ready without making significant expenditures).
  • Cryx-Cryx mirror matches are still chod.  Not that my opponent Chris was anything other than charming throughout, you realise – just that many of my Cryx lists don’t tick properly when faced with the attack vectors, lack of soul tokens and high DEF of Cryxian adversaries.

So, I’m going to be buying a digital camera, using the funds freed up from selling RP books and Tyranids and Dark Elves on More Better Cryx (since they are definitely my favourite and best-looking army, and Warmachine definitely ‘my’ game), and thinking hard about things to do with Skorne that don’t require too much more red primer, since I’m running a bit short.  I’ve also been VERY impressed with the Evesham club’s terrain, especially their balsa wood buildings for Legends of the Old West; I’m feeling up to doing some more work on the murky swamp board of doom afore long.

2 thoughts on “[WM/H] A Grand Day Out

  1. >It should be pointed out that I did pick up a High Elf wizard who I plan on converting* for Tzeentchy purposes, so I'm hardly Not Doing WFB Chaos or anything, it's just not something I plan on sinking loads into until I'm sure it's worth it.* – worryingly, I think he'll be fine with just a headswap and a cunningly planned paintjob…


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