[WFB] Homebrew: The Silver Host

Allow me to explain.

What with one thing and another, I’ve spent some time looking at the Desert of the Dead range from TTCombat again. Basically, I want to fuss my Tomb Kings army, losing the brittle and frustrating Mantic figures and replacing them with TTCombat’s single piece resin jobs. I already own and like a bunch of their elite figures, so it just seems to make sense.

But that range also includes a lot of things that aren’t from the sixth edition Tomb Kings range. Some of them are newfangled eighth edition units, various sphinxes and so on, but some of them are… well, very Vampire Countsy. Like the Sphinx Hounds, and the Slaves, and that Jackal and Ox Cart that could have wandered out of seventh ed. Vampire Counts.

And that got me thinking. I own a Neferata model. I also own a Vampire Counts army which I love playing, but it doesn’t travel well. And I started wondering if the same collection could, with a bit of clever expansion, be a Tomb Kings army and a new Vampire Counts army. And that started me thinking about the Lahmian army list for sixth edition, which I want to like much more than I do.

So here’s an army list I knocked together for the Silver Host, the guardians of the Pinnacle, formatted after the Army of Sylvania and taking the opportunity to tidy up the old GW website rules for Neferata a little.

Let me know what you think?

One thought on “[WFB] Homebrew: The Silver Host

  1. Very nicely put together. The alternative lists were always some of my favourite bits of 6th and I like what you’ve done with this, giving it a bit more flavour. The designers notes was a great touch as it answered the more obvious questions that sprung to mind when reading it. I’ve always been a fan of those special characters that can slightly change an army composition too (I always thought that taking Ungrim in 8th should allow slayers in core). It’s been years since I’ve properly played 6th so not sure how the queen of Lamia would size up vs other special characters and if she would be an auto include (I suspect not), worth considering or something skipped/a fluff choice. If the last, then I’d always be in favour of her allowing an unlock due to her unique status.

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