What is wrong with me?

Two weeks before a WFB event and what am I struck with the urge to do, every time? Build Chaos Space Marines.

In my defence, this has been a while coming. I picked up the first fifteen of these second hand at a knock down price last year, and bought myself the box to round out the squads into something game-legal for my birthday. At least… that’s what I thought I was doing.

Turns out that the earlier Chaos books are more generous with Raptor equipment than I remembered, so I didn’t actually have to abandon any special weapons as long as I could divide them up in threes-per-five. So I had another think, decided not to repeat the error with Fourth Claw (who may be visually interesting, but are total photocopy specials in the rules), and promptly sawed some arms off some Warp Talons and used a bunch more special weapons. It’s not like there are Warp Talons in every edition I like anyway.

Three of the original lightning claw lads still remain, acting as unit Champions. This fourth fellow is an alternate champion for the later editions when that weapon option is no longer available, and bigger Raptor squads are more appropriate; the idea being that as many bodies as possible get jammed in behind him.

Two plasma pistols, a plasma gun, three meltaguns and a flamer. This is nobody’s idea of optimised and I’m loving tolerating it. I might even stick a couple more plasma pistols on a couple more bodies just to keep my options open, but the more of those I have the smaller my “modern” squad becomes, so I’m holding off for now. Three meltaguns together, two plasma pistols and a plasma gun together, and the flamer by itself seems like it might be a giggle. Or:

See? Nine perfectly straightforward Raptors and a Champion, as an option.

Goodness knows where Szandor picked up this rabble of a Raptor Cult, but they’re another score of bodies for the Red Right Hand and beggars, as any renegade knows, cannot be choosers.

This throws my painting queue right out of whack, but they’re all in such different states of painted over different primers that they might as well be their own side deal anyway. I’ll paint up the Possessed first and then work out what to do about these.

2 thoughts on “[40K] CHAOS RAPTORS, READY TO KILL!

  1. They look most formidable – well done again. :) I hope you’re getting some games in, and that life is treating you well.


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