[WFB] From Dust Taken, To Dust Returned?

My Tomb Kings are a cursed project. I love the army in theory; in practice I have been trying to make a Tomb Kings army happen for four years and currently have three games played on one day in 2019, zero painted figures, two “botch and restart with new range” hobby wobbles and a bunch of brittle resin figures that my clumsy arthritic fingers struggle to keep in one piece at the hobby table, never mind bagging them up and taking them away to play with.

The final breaking point was realising that the bases supplied with the figures have the slots cut out but the figures don’t have tabs so I’m going to need to either fill 80 slots or buy 80 wooden bases, and the wooden bases I have look like they’ve got mildew somehow, and I’m just sick of all the faff this army has turned out to be and how the only way I’m likely to get it finished is throw yet more money at it.

I think I’ve spent over £500 on Tomb Kings so far, including supplies bought just for these (like five assorted cans of spray paint, which I otherwise never use). I got £50 for the Mantic stuff, a fraction of what I spent but I did ruin the figures so I was lucky to get much of anything. This is a sink for time and money. I’m now at the point where I’m talking about commission painting and that makes me seriously wallet shy, and also feel like a copout because I’ve always painted my own figures before and stuff I didn’t paint never feels like mine.

Here’s what I have, all from the TTCombat range:

  • KS exclusive Tomb King (conversion job done)
  • Tomb King on foot
  • Tomb Queen
  • KS exclusive Liche in Chariot
  • Liche on foot
  • Casket of Souls proxy
  • 2 x 20 Swordsmen
  • 2 x 20 Archers
  • 5 x Swarm bases
  • 3 x Chariots
  • 5 x Carrion
  • 2 x Scorpions
  • 6 x Ushabti
  • Bow Giant
  • Catapult

I think I spent about £300 on these. I’d want £200 in my pocket after shipping and fees, just so I can sleep at night. I’d throw in a copy of the sixth edition army book for good measure.

Failing that, I’m looking for a price for commission painting. I will gladly supply cans of Zandri Dust, Skull White and Chaos Black spray for priming – they’re of no use to me as my new house doesn’t have a good space for using aerosols. I will also gladly supply the Liquitex inks I own from before Contrast was a thing, but was thinking of using in a similar way. If I can supply conventional paints from my collection I’d be happy to as my hobby life is coming to an end and I don’t see myself using up everything I own.

I’ve never actually used a commission service before and have no idea what reasonable prices and standards look like. As I said earlier, the mere thought of paying someone else to paint my models – especially models from a project which has already cost more than it should – is making me very skittish on top of the usual uncertainty from not knowing what’s what. I feel like anything less than £200 is taking the piss but anything more than £100 is giving me the fear.

2 thoughts on “[WFB] From Dust Taken, To Dust Returned?

  1. I can’t help on your decision but feel your pain. TK always sell for a pretty penny, so I think you should easily recoup the value you are after, even on the FB groups. You can pick up bases without slots on eBay pretty cheaply and easily (more expense I know). For commission paint jobs, a few people at the club do it as they hate painting and use these two: Squiggle’s Studio (https://m.facebook.com/squigglesstudio/) or FiguWorks (https://m.facebook.com/figuworksminiaturepainting). I’m not sure on pricing. Both have been recommended.


    1. Key note: these are not genuine OOP Citadel Miniatures Tomb Kings, these are third party figures, which in my experience sell for a fraction of RRP, if they go at all. (I let my Chaos Dwarfs go for something like a third, for instance, after six months of slashing prices.)

      I’m aware that one can buy bases by themselves. I’m sure you appreciate it was more the slap in the face of yet ANOTHER thing about this cursed army not being as it should have been, or as I’d have liked it to be.

      I have, however, engaged the services of one Renard Bleu, who you may know from the Facesbooks. I’ve seen the test model and it looks very fine. So if nothing else, they will be in playable condition in a month or two, and I may well take them to Resurrection and see what shakes down.

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