[40K] Been Painting: Night Lords Possessed Squad

I have been working on some Night Lords. First off, the Possessed squad, longest in the queue and needing the love most. Building these had me gnawing the furniture a bit towards the end, commentators have suggested that painting them would see a return to frustration, but honestly they weren’t that bad. The only real troubles were 1) breaking a cardinal rule of the hobby by reaching past something already painted to get at something further “inside” the sculpt and 2) executing the steps of my process in completely the wrong order because I wanted to basecoat everything and check the composition.

Despite the suspicions of Kakapo, M., this squad has stayed together very well. Apart from this fuckin guy down the front whose chainglaive has snapped and won’t take the hint. I’ve repaired him four times in the three days it took to paint ’em all.

I had another go at the Chaos Sorcerer, too. A couple of layers of Stormy Blue and a crude but good faith attempt at the lightning have brought him out of the doldrums a bit. He still doesn’t look like the others, but he looks a bit less Dark and Boring (TM). I won’t be doing lightning on everyone, because a) I don’t have the patience and b) I think it looks silly, but I’m willing to make the exception for a literal space wizard who’s collecting it up to throw at people.

I don’t like what Jess did with the trophy rack on this one, but I am quite pleased with the Hawk Lords helmet on there
– thanks for the recipe Ben!

Taking the time to sort out my bits box let me reflect on whether Noise Marines were really a feature of the world I wanted to live in. I concluded that they are not, and after snapping their guns back off and raiding the pile, I now have an additional bolter billy (enabling me to merge my plasma gun squads into one larger unit) and four bodies with close combat weapons (who are getting grenades, and the spare Champion, to bring them up to five members and a tactical use).

I also have a metal Night Lords Hero who’s been rescued from Blastmaster duty and re-equipped with his original power glove and combi-flamer, a bizarre combination of weaponry that nobody on this or any other planet could accuse of being “optimal.” He also has the batwings on his helmet and, you know, now that they’re in situ I don’t hate them as much as I do the gawky one-piece jobs from the squad box. I suppose one Legion brother can be wearing his parade helmet, as befits an officer, and as a treat.

With a Lord and a Sorcerer on foot, five Possessed and three units of five Marines, I actually have… quite a few 2002/2006 releases. I found a lone Biker in the spares box, and enough bits left to deck him out as an Aspiring Champion and pick up a few mates for him. And I wanted some Terminators to accompany the Sorcerer. Aaand since there’s a new Chaos Codex coming up, the older elements of the model range are at risk of replacement. Choices were made.

One of these Bikers has been done up as an Aspiring Champion, with the now-tradtional Possessed head/backpack and the sword from the upgrade kit. The others… I’ve done my best. These are 1999 kits, with all the huge empty sprue and paucity of variation that implies. The last of my resin bodies and heads plus some spare backpacks at least ensure that different bodies are crammed into the single pose. A couple of combi-flamer bits from the Terminator kit have gone onto the back of a couple of bikes – I’ve never been sure if the special weapons replace one of the bolters, with Chaos bikes, or if the riders grab them and fire them one handed like the Imperial ones that came out the very month I started the hobby. Hedging my bets like this seems to be a way forward.

By contrast, these Terminators are a first step toward the modern kits, with a densely packed sprue full of options, but strict associations to get the bodies together. Their dynamic posing comes at a cost too: lugs and notches guide their arms into set positions and, because some are left handed and some not, the weapon loadouts are actually halfway locked (especially if you’re building for one of the editions where it actually matters if they have a sword, axe or maul as their power weapon).

Fortunately, I had the Chaos Lord bits from the Sorcerer kit kicking around, and one of the bodies didn’t have lugs on its shoulders, so with a bit of judicious part swapping I was able to build two lads with combi-meltas and power axes, and a de facto champion with a chainfist. This basic three man squad is the classic “Termicide” teleport configuration, intended to Deep Strike near a vehicle, blast it from close range with melta fire, and then wreck it with the chainfist if it’s still alive when they’re done. The other two members join in for larger engagements, and realign the squad to a more flexible role, with a combi-plasma gun and Reaper autocannon. No more power weapons though: not to be undone by restrictive kit options, I had cunningly saved the Terminator-sized chainglaives from at least one of my Night Lord sprues (one of them broke, but it looks OK on the power maul hilt), and glommed myself an extra couple of chainaxes.

Plasma boy is deliberately cheap because he’s likely to blow himself up when he shoots, and if he lives he’s a member of the Ablative Brotherhood, i.e. the first to die so his better equipped colleagues might live. Reaper chap already has the biggest and most expensive gun so he’s not getting a fancy weapon too, and to be honest I quite like his buckler and chainglaive combination (it’s the power fist from the kit with the Terminator chainglaive hand tucked in behind the guard). If I had more glaives I’d be tempted to do that across a whole squad. I can picture him planting the butt in the ground as he lines up a shot with the cannon, and that’s marvellous if you ask me.

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