[Been Painting] Night Lords Kill Team (3/2)

Your eyes, they do not deceive you: additional 2002 smolbois have been hastened through the painting queue.

One of these little rascals will slide into the bolter collection and form a Large Legionary Squad, the others will retrieve the Barnett pose Champion and form an experimental Small Legionary Squad.

Now. These models were definitely fixer-uppers; these were the bodies that had been basecoated with orange craft paint, as far as I could tell, and I compounded the error by priming straight over the top because I can’t really be arsed buying a solvent just to save a few random plastic figures. As a result, they are… very blobby, in many places. A great deal of detail was lost. The arms and heads are fresh though, and do a fair bit to redeem the overall look. They’re good enough, albeit not at the standard I intended to set with my Last Army Ever.

Speaking of which: I think I’ve mostly exorcised the craving to Bear the Word now. I did paint up a handful of test figures; the Blackstone Fortress Chaos Lord, and a couple of his mates. They’re mostly done, though the paints I used to use for parchment have disappeared and I might acquire some Menoth White to address this.

I wanted to call back to Zymran, the Chaos Lord and chief antagonist of the original Chaos Gate game; he came this close to having a huge garish green daemon sword, but I’d have had to redo the priming to account for the glowing light coming from below and that was marginally too much of a faff.

Did I not mention that? I gave the ol’ zenith priming a go on these, largely because I had some spray cans to start using up, and I quite like the outcome. It’s made a subtle difference that’s most apparent in the trim on the two bolter bois: they are visibly more bold up top. It’s also done favours for the Orgoth Bronze pipes and gnarls on the Lord, which have a more vibrant, visceral sheen to them than the flatwork I’ve done on the Wood Elves.

Given that I now have an outdoors in which to prime, and that the Ork Land Raider last year taught me the folly of hand priming vehicles, and the aforementioned arthritis being ever more embuggerant, I think this is a useful technique to keep in the pocket. It would probably have helped a great deal on the Terminator Sorcerer I showed off last time, too.

I’m happy with the job I’ve been doing on the Night Lords, but breaking them all out for a glamour shot together does show how much my painting style has drifted over even the six years since project “Eighth for Eighth” sputtered over the starting blocks.

Some of this can be attributed to all the “drip” on the Chosen, of course: there’s more not!midnight blue on them so they’re going to look livelier. I do think m I’m becoming dependent on Drakenhof Nightshade, though. It really did the “liquid talent” work on these latest five figures but left them looking, well, Dark and Boring. I’ll eliminate it from the process going forward, I think, and see what comes about. This army’s inconsistent already so a bit more Muckin Abaht won’t kill it.

6 thoughts on “[Been Painting] Night Lords Kill Team (3/2)

  1. ZYMRAN!! CHAOS TRAITOR!! You shall fall before us, and feeel *MY* heel as you are ground – TO DUST!

    Earlier this year I was actually on the verge of purchasing the Made To Order Ultramarines Captain from 2nd edition just to paint up as Kreuger from that game. Unfortunately the plan had to be aborted when I discovered just how extortionately expensive that run of models was, though it’s likely I would have been unable to afford it at the time even if they had the same reasonable price point as the Tau Ethereal that had just come before them.

    Of course, to really do a Chaos Gate shoutout you’d really need to do an army of 1990s Chaos Space Marine models in warm Word Bearers colours anyway (and the obligatory supporting contingent of Khorne Bezerkers). So, y’know, if one were to ever come into a bunch of 1990s Chaos Space Marine models, like from one of those 1st Generation Battleforce boxes I have only just learnt were a thing and show up surprisingly often on ebay…

    (also something something Chaos Gate shoutout in internet campaign COMING SOON(tm)…)

    Also I wouldn’t worry too much about painting drift. If there’s one army where you can get away with a slightly inconsistent painting style, it’s Chaos (and if there’s two then the second one is Orc/ks). If you were going for a full new-wave united Legion look then it might be more of an issue, but for a more old-school approach the minor inconsistencies just make it look like, well, a chaotic warband.

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    1. Exactly. In any case, this is simply what happens with a six year hiatus in the middle of a project, and a move back and forth across ranges with different aesthetic priorities. Time passes, styles change.

      I wouldn’t pay money for the 1990s plastic Chaos Marines. Dreadful figures. I *have* occasionally peeped at second edition metals and remembered how much I like them, but the problem there is arms. If I ever found someone who was casting appropriately sized and scaled arms… sadly most of the third party bitz firms I know are keying their wares to the 2002 era kit and I think the limbs would be a bit too long.

      I had similar thoughts regarding the Dark Angel Captain. I’ve only painted four metal loyalist Marines ever, and he was the first of them. I am not, however, infinite in my impulse purchasing power, and I don’t even pay the Terra Australis markup…


  2. Love the reference to Zymran from the original Chaos Gate game. And love the models too – they look superbly suited for instilling quaking fear in their enemies. Thanks for the great post and photos. :)

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    1. Thank you! This army looks so much better when it’s out in the bright lights of a gaming venue: in home photography I feel you have to take my word for it too much. I’m a battlefield painter at the end of the day…


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