[WM/H] Circle Orboros vs. Mercenaries (25 points, learning games)

My bogtrotting Druids hit the boards last night for their first outing among The Dudley Darklords. Stu, a familiar face from my rare ventures onto the tournament circuit, was good enough to line up his Highborn Covenant and deliver the first in what I expect to be a long line of defeats.

That’s not pessimism, you understand – it’s an acknowledgement of the learning process. I am not one of those people who can pick up an army and Know, immediately, how it delivers the beats: I am one of those people who derives knowledge from trial and error. The important thing is that the games are interesting and that I feel involved in the process of defeat; games where I don’t get to do anything but take casualties and suffer analysis paralysis inflict sufficient damage on morale for learning to be impossible. Fortunately, Stu guarantees an interesting game. Continue reading “[WM/H] Circle Orboros vs. Mercenaries (25 points, learning games)”