[V:tM] Baby’s First Chronicle: Top Tips for Beginner Storytellers

To begin with: don’t be afraid. Your first game is going to be “wrong” in some sense. So is your second. I’ve run six chronicles over the last twenty years, some of them running for years on end, and I still get to the end of some sessions and think “well, that could’ve gone better” or have to write off a chronicle because of something we didn’t spot early on.

You’ll make rules calls that don’t work when you think about them afterwards. You’ll not be able to land the same voice for that SPC two scenes on the trot, never mind for the whole chronicle. You’ll forget who the Ventrue Justicar was “canonically” established to be in Buttfuck (MI) By Night (1994). None of that matters. One time I forgot that the Bastille was, you know, no longer a place that existed and that was the point of Bastille Day, in a session called ‘Bastille Day’. I promise that nine times out of ten you can pause for the laughter to stop, shrug, say “my World of Darkness, my rules” and crack on.

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