[WFB] Vampire Wars, Steven Savile, Black Library (2008)

(The title is for Huge Ruined Scott. Consider this your content warning, dude.)

This post can be blamed on all the Mordheim: City of the Damned and Warhammer Total War I’ve been playing of late. The experience has confirmed that despite my recent less-than-entirely-negative reaction to Age of Sigmar, my deep-seated love for the ‘Forces of Death’ is rooted in the Old World, the cast of characters created or lovingly plagiarised to populate it, and the fine tradition of homage it established. (Even Kemmler, despite my previous storm-in-a-teacup peak-fake-woke-white-boi social-justice-necromancer ranting on the topic. Terror of the Lichemaster is a decent little railroad and whoever voice acted the old goon for Total War nailed it.)

Anyway, I’ve been spending some time in the Old World and it’s made me thirsty for trashy tie-in fiction that I’ve not read twenty times already.

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[40K] Do Necrons Have A Motive?

So last night Lexington and I got to talking about my last post, and the result was EITHER some deep thought OR a waste of several hours and two and a half thousand words.  Either way, I bring it to you, for sharing purposes.  And yes, I said two and a half thousand words; you were warned, so I don’t want to hear any whining about any funny-coloured ruminants.

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[Meta Gaming] The ‘Ultramarines’ movie and unrealised potential

A post about Ultramarines has been on the cards since March, but I couldn’t be bothered to actually watch it until fairly recently.  In the following post I unashamedly saddle up my cultural studies high horse and claim that Game Settings Are Art With Symbolic And Narrative Value – and I won’t apologise for that, because a) I’m a godawful snob about these things and b) I think it’s a valid claim that co-exists just fine with people who just want to play with their toy soldiers – but I feel you deserve some sort of warning, and this is it.

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