[WM/H] Live And Let Fly, Games III and IV


Evidently the Darklords were beginning to conglomerate – or even congeal – around the middle tables at this juncture, as I drew my second clubmate in a row – John Stanford.  I had no idea that Mr. Stanford would be running the Protectorate (they’re not even his Menoths!), but I have lots of experience against the Protectorate… shouldn’t be too hard… right?

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[WM/H] Live And Let Fly, Game II

Game two saw me drawn against Tim ‘Flash’ Martin, who I know from the Dudley Darklords but who I had yet to have the pleasure of facing. He was rolling with Circle, so I was naturally eager to see what sort of stuff made my Hordes faction of choice tick at 25 points (since I’m fairly sure that Epic Kaya and two heavies ain’t it).

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[WM/H] Live And Let Fly, Game I

So, with that bout of the emoes over: on to the nerdy stuff!

My first game was against Alun Davies, a Welshman who fears not the unknown, nor the unholy, nor the after-effects of overusing the word “cracking”.  Alun fielded Grand Exemplar Kreoss (okay, I have lots of experience blowing him up) with a lot of Exemplars – an awful lot.  Full unit of Errants (spellproof! argh!) plus the Errant Seneschal, full unit of Bastions (argh!), and the good old Knights.  Like me, he’d counted his ‘jack points and spent them on one ‘jack; a Crusader for Kreoss to hide behind.  I was running “the bent Deneghra list” (rejigged slightly to include the full unit of Mechanithralls) and promptly began swarming forward.

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[WM/H] Live And Let Fly: List Building

I’m off to Ross in a few weeks’ time for a charity tournament at which I’d been intending to give the Circle their first outing.  However, the second bout of learning games (against Stu’s Dwarfs, again, and then against Nik ‘Largi’ Topham’s Trollblood swarm) made it pretty clear to me that my collection isn’t best suited to 25 point games.  I tend to see opposing lists with either two or three units, which do well owing to the economies of scale that appear in spellcasting on units, and their ability to spread out and create layers of threat range, ensuring that they can grab huge tracts of land in scenario play.  The current list doesn’t have enough bodies to spread out and take areas being held by those sorts of numbers and or enough attacks on a wide enough frontage to clear them – not enough boys or toys.  I’m sure I could put together a Circle list that can deal with or do that at 25 points but I’m not sure I can do it with the Circle models I own.

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