[WM/H] And The Hammer Came Down: A Bad Seeds Report

I’ve been playing Magnus the Warlord week in, week out for the Slow Grow League up at Dark Sphere, and doing quite well, troubling the top three despite a second week in which I lost the ability to gauge threat ranges, charge lanes or indeed anything that might keep Magnus alive for more than two turns.

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[WM/H] Circle Orboros vs. Mercenaries (25 points, learning games)

My bogtrotting Druids hit the boards last night for their first outing among The Dudley Darklords. Stu, a familiar face from my rare ventures onto the tournament circuit, was good enough to line up his Highborn Covenant and deliver the first in what I expect to be a long line of defeats.

That’s not pessimism, you understand – it’s an acknowledgement of the learning process. I am not one of those people who can pick up an army and Know, immediately, how it delivers the beats: I am one of those people who derives knowledge from trial and error. The important thing is that the games are interesting and that I feel involved in the process of defeat; games where I don’t get to do anything but take casualties and suffer analysis paralysis inflict sufficient damage on morale for learning to be impossible. Fortunately, Stu guarantees an interesting game. Continue reading “[WM/H] Circle Orboros vs. Mercenaries (25 points, learning games)”