[40K] Every Day That You Feed Me With Hate, I Grow Stronger

This is all your fault, Militant.

Allow me to explain. Some time ago I had the opportunity to pick up a small Battlefleet Gothic force, mostly painted in classic Chaos red-and-metal. I took the reliable imagery to one Kakapo, M. for analysis, had it confirmed as a perfectly cromulent starter fleet, and bit the bullet.

Ships, of course, need names. Said Kakapo, M. likes to name his Eldar vessels after Nightwish songs, because of who he is as a person, and I respect that. I am also a sucker for a musical reference, but I wanted a different band – one that captured the nature of Chaos like no other.


  • Kaisarion: Traitor Legion battle barge (Despoiler or Retaliator (not sure!) with Chaos Space Marine crew)
  • Deus Culpa: Styx class heavy cruiser
  • Mantra Mori: Styx class heavy cruiser
  • Chaos Eternus: Acheron class heavy cruiser
  • Infestissamum: Slaughter class cruiser (daemonship)
  • Cirice: Murder class cruiser
  • Ghuleh: Murder class cruiser
  • Emeritus Squadron: Infidel class escorts

The Chaos Eternus is canon-locked (goodness knows how my rabble got their hands on it, perhaps Abaddon’s boys left the keys in the ignition), but everything else is keyed to source. I need to add up the fleet roster, but I think a battlegroup of Murder/Murder/Styx plus the Infidels will work fine for small engagements, swapping in the Acheron and adding the battle barge as my command ship for larger ones where the presence of Warmaster Nihil is justified.

The only issue, of course, is that these aren’t very… VIII Legion. There’s a wallowing in Chaos here that isn’t commensurate with the Night Lords, for all that I’m big on “Chaos believes in them”. And this is what led me to reconsider my prior allegiances – the Legion I actually collected during the golden age (2002-2007) when the majority of my 40K-playing took place. Only with new models.

As I confront the experience of Legion Wobble head on, I am reflecting on those glorious years. The Eye of Terror and Medusa V were the proving ground for the Fifth Host, and what I remember most keenly from each was:

– Lord Beltane being taken out by friendly fire from my Black Legion “allies” (in an exploding Rhino incident) on planet Lelithar, shortly before the Salamanders knocked me from my dominant perch in the summer league standings and thus saved the world

– Lord Ba’althamor, his successor, ending up stepped on by a Wraithlord of Ulthwé during an attempt to, basically, daemon bomb the entire planet

So. We can see that they haven’t had the best time. I have a couple of names and a story beat kicking around from the abortive “Eighth for Eighth” project. Tar Zahaan still sounds good for a Chaos Lord, perhaps a Black Legion defector who was sent to take over the warband and got religion instead. In keeping with my taste for “ironic” cringe-inducing references, I might call the Dark Apostle Zadok (the Priest). Scale the army down from full Host to Chapter, in accordance with the New Lore, and we’re starting to cook with gas here.

If we were wrong, all those centuries ago, then explain the Imperium, with its cults and its creeds and its relics. The Emperor never understood the truth, and now it torments him in his entombed “triumph”. Bereave humanity of its gods, and it will elevate a man to take their place…

Zadok, Dark Apostle of the Veiled Eye