[WM/H] In Praise of Hardcore

It seems odd that someone of my die-hard casual convictions (a contradiction in terms, I’m sure, but I will fight to the death for my right to not have to fight to the death, or at least until I’m bored) would embrace Hardcore, and yet, and yet… Hardcore’s not perfect, in its current incarnation, but it has always had the seeds of glory in it and here’s why. Fully painted We are not tinboys. The spectacle of the wargame is important; if it weren’t we would all be playing chess or something. There is something about these tactile objects which speaks to … Continue reading [WM/H] In Praise of Hardcore

[WM/H] Road to SmogCon: Hail Hydra

Hydra, as a format, could be tailor-made for a player like me who prefers small games, doesn’t have the disposable income for two or three lists’ worth of stuff, and is a long-term believer in the whole ‘run the same good stuff with a different caster and see how much the game changes’ approach to Warmachine. It demands a single 35 point list, assuming that 5 warjack points are available, and five different warcasters, to whom numbers are assigned. At the top of each round, the caster choice is randomised; if a four is rolled, everyone in that round uses their … Continue reading [WM/H] Road to SmogCon: Hail Hydra

[Meta Gaming] The Prevalence of Tournaments

Inspired by this post on Galaxy in Flames.  Ran on longer than is appropriate for a comment, and so posting it here.  You may want to listen to this while you’re reading. I want more events that are not tournaments, not called tournaments, not promoted as tournaments and not focused on finding the Official Best Nerd like tournaments are. In and of themselves, tournaments are fine.  A prevalence of tournaments, or things that are presented as tournaments and so draw a tourney crowd, is poisonous, and that’s the problem for me.  Even the events which the competent tourney players deride as … Continue reading [Meta Gaming] The Prevalence of Tournaments