[V:tR] Vampire: the Requiem (Second Edition) – Readthrough

So I’ve only actually played VtR once, with randoms, which is not optimal for me (I like to RPG with people who already know and like each other out of game), and I only owned 1e, so I never really gave the current rulebook a proper combing over from an “I want to run this” point of view.

I also spent last weekend laid up with some sort of terrible gut acid experience, so I thought it high time to address this absence.

I don’t want to make too many comparisons to Vampire: the Masquerade because I’m tired of Requiem only being discussed in that context: “is it better?” comes up every couple of weeks on the White Wolf RPG subreddit and has done for years and I’m tired. I want to talk about Requiem on its own merits where I can. That said, I cannot avoid being an old hand who knew VtM first and has been playing V5 for two years: I’m bound to evaluate what I discover in terms of what I already know.

Images are from the book in question, sourced via the Storytellers’ Vault, spirit of fair use, purely for illustrative/visual handhold purposes.

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[V:tM/V:tR] Top Tips for Vampire Storytellers

Ask the players where their characters get their blood from. Really make them think about it, especially if the PC in question has no business hanging around fingering hoboes or picking up prostitutes. Do they have a trusted servant who bares vein for them twice a week (paid overtime for the pleasure, of course)? How does the servant feel about this? Above all, what would happen if that safety net of regular, planned, safe feeding was taken away? This is always a good plot to break out if the PCs don’t create one for themselves, or in the lull while you frantically work out how the hell the local Tremere are going to react to having their chantry filled with lawn ornaments or what the Toreador primogen thinks about having her childe’s illegal blood doll left in her conservatory with a note saying “people who live in glass houses can’t throw stones”.

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