WFB Vampire Counts Tactica

In which Mr. E goes full spod

There’s not a lot I know about, but I know a lot about Vampire Counts. The first Vampire Counts book was the only thing I’ve ever pre-ordered from GW, ever: I’ve played the army for as long as it’s existed, through fair winds and foul weather, and in particular through sixth edition, which I played and read and argued about week in week out throughout my time at sixth form and university (which is to say when I had more free time and brain power than I’ve ever had before or since).

What follows is an attempt to turn all that into TACTICA. Caveats apply.

I don’t propose to waste your time or mine describing the rules in depth, although a quick refresher may come up when I need to comment on some detailed interaction. I also don’t intend to discuss the Army of the Cairns or the Pirates of the Vampire Coast, on the grounds that they are their own entirely self-sufficient army lists with a lot of unique troop types (and also I never used them).

I have only theories regarding Dogs of War because the prevailing opinion down our way was that mercenaries were cheesy beardy beard cheese for people who (snorts like Comic Book Guy’s nerdiest mate) didn’t appreciate the character of their army and wanted to Win At All Costs and all the rest of it. I disagreed and still do, but capitulated for the sake of a quiet life.

Finally, I have mostly played with a Von Carstein army. I have played against all the other Bloodlines, and have used all of them at least a couple of times, but the bulk of my experience is with the generalist “support the army” vampires and either the standard army list or the Army of Sylvania.

  1. Armies of Darkness – basic tactics
  2. The Laws of Undeath – army special rules
  3. Bloodlines – your army-defining choice
  4. The Black Art – Necromancy, the Lore of Death, and spellcasting in general
  5. Unholy Artefacts – magic items reviewed
  6. The Living Dead – units in context
  7. Aristocracy of the Night – special characters
  8. Legions of the Dead – notes on the ‘appendix’ army lists
  9. Army of Sylvania – a different kind of army