rationale and rhyme and reason

Malediction is a word of power, a hex, a curse levelled against those who would destroy us. It also sounds metal as hell.

I make and help make games, sometimes with the San Jenaro Co-Op, sometimes under my own steam.

I study games, briefly through Manchester Metropolitan University but mostly off my own back. I’ve published and presented on gaming and the Gothic in a few capacities, but nothing tops wrapping up the Frankenstein bicentennial in Venice.

I sell and demo games through an award-winning bookshop in Wales, where I happen to live.

I (sometimes) get to play games. I have a particular soft spot for Warhammer Fantasy Battle, Warhammer Fantasy Role Play, Warmachine and Vampire: the Masquerade, because I was playing them week in week out in my late teens and early twenties. This site started out as a blog about playing those games, and then slowly blossomed as I started to make games, and… isn’t this where we came in?

I detest autobiography (unless it’s talking about My Time With This Game) so I’m afraid that’s your lot.


Some of the things I like about this blog are that Von writes when he feels like it, so there’s no sense of urgency or posting for the sake of posting that you sometimes get with some other blogs. Every post has been written because the writer actually wanted to write about it. Another thing I like is the unashamedly intellectual writing style, and the complete disregard for journalistic length limits. Von doesn’t care if you have a short attention span or can’t digest big words. He just writes what he writes, conventional blog wisdom be damned. And I’m very glad for it.

James S