Tomb Kings: The Fifth Dynasty of Lybaras

I’ve always liked the idea of Tomb Kings. Like most kids, I had the “Ancient Egyptian phase” when I was a wee ‘un and learning about ’em at school; I was watching with big wide eyes when Nigel Stillman took all of that and made it Warhammer. For some reason I never quite got around to collecting the army in sixth edition (around 2002 – I assume I was distracted by 40K?) and by the time eighth edition revamped them, I had graduated face first into some sort of financial crisis, been made redundant twice, and had the disposable income of a tortilla chip.

Then Total War: Warhammer 2 (aka “Twat War War Twat Woo” ever since I got tongue-tied while streaming) happened to drop the Tomb Kings in my lap; I really enjoyed playing them, in fact they got me hooked on the game, and the urge was awakened all over again.

During the B.I.G. Bash of 2018, I picked up a box of Mantic Games “Empire of Dust” models and had a go at building and painting a small army. It didn’t go well: the project lacked vision, drive and clarity, and I wasn’t trying very hard. But I did enjoy playing them; the People’s Prince, Mister Steven, was kind enough to come up for a weekend and throw down with his new Skaven army, and I resolved to revitalise the army at some point.

At some point became “when TTCombat put out a Kickstarter for big resin versions of everything else I’d want in the army.” What with Nineteen Crows and Perfidious Albion and all that it took a sweet while for them to arrive, but arrive they eventually did and work has now begun in earnest.

Whereas the Wood Elves are a regimented “sprue by sprue, don’t get overwhelmed” everything-by-hand of project, the Tomb Kings are to be a more leisurely affair where things are being built (or repaired) and primed with spray (because I foolishly bought two cans of Zandri Dust one day) and then dealt with as and when I feel like dealing with them.

On a whim, and since BattleScribe now has a file for the Tomb Kings army, I totted up everything I had with all the magic items I’m likely to want. It’s, er, about 3500 points. Things have definitely gotten ahead of me here.

Dramatis Personae

Mine is the army of Lybaras in the reign of Khonekt IV, who ruled when Setep was King in Khemri. A melancholy and lackadasical ruler, even in undeath, but stirred to wrath and ruin when Skaven interlopers rifled his family crypt and purloined certain items of sentimental value. His host has crossed the world to retrieve the Crown of Kings; now they are faced with a long and perilous journey home…

Khonekt’s eldest entombed offspring, Prince Thot. Possibly more intelligent than his father, or at least more ambitious; often to be found leading small detachments of the household guard on ill-conceived schemes designed to increase his standing in the eyes of the High Queen on their eventual return to her realm.

Bhak-gamon and Ra-khopegmet, First and Second Priests to the Fifth Dynasty. Very possibly taking it in turns to be First and Second Priest, depending on the cycles of the moon and sun, and who made the tea last.